Book: The Cat Who Could Read Backwards [#1] by Lillian Jackson Braun

This book started strangely. I had thought that we would meet the cat very early on, but that did not happen. Instead we met a newspaper writer named Jim Qwilleran. He joins the local paper and is put on the art beat.

An easy beat it is not. He has to interview this very strange artist who spoke of everything but his art. The city is full of strange artists, who all believe they are very talented. The newspapers art critic, however, disagrees.

George Bonifield Mountclemens the third, the art critic who lives with his cat. He also thinks that every artist in town is a talentless hack. So of course everyone hates him. To make matters odder Jim takes a room in Mountclemens house. Enter the cat.

Meanwhile, the art scene in the city is stricken with fear as the towns artists are being murdered. Mountclemens turns up murdered too and in his own house.

Of course the cat does his own sleuthing because he doesn’t think the cops will solve it. He pairs up with Jim and points him in the right direction time and time again. Ultimately, the murders are all solved with a few other crimes along the way.

The cat stole the book. I won’t tell you his name here. You wouldn’t believe me if I did, but he has quite the personality and is a topnotch crime-solver.

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Book: The Hunger Games [Book #1] by Suzanne Collins

This book was so good I read it twice.

I don’t tend to say that very often. A teenager named Katniss is forced to take care of her family once her father dies. Her mother fell into a deep depression and Katniss the oldest daughter took up her father’s talent of hunting to feed the family.

This book takes place far in the future. Technically, geographically it’s the United States. However, this future is after a nuclear war. The USA has imploded and no longer exists. It’s now called Panem. They divided the country into 13 districts. Each one is responsible for something specific. Katniss is part of District 12 which is responsible for coal.

74 years earlier in Panem’s history District 13 led an uprising. The Capitol eventually squashed this. And as a yearly reminder and punishment that they are the ultimate ruler they created “The Hunger Games.”

Every year each district has a reaping. One boy and one girl between 13 and 18 in age are chosen from each district to participate. It is a fight to the death. The contestants, or victims really, are all given a smattering of training in different aspects of survival. They are paraded around for the whole country to see. And then they are dumped into the arena. Only one person can win. You win by being the last tribute, the name given to the children forced to compete, still alive.

This years reaping was most difficult. Katniss’s little sister Prim was picked. Overcome with emotion Katniss volunteers to take her place.

Does Katniss survive The Hunger Games? Does she die in the arena? What horrors await?

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