Book: 10th Anniversary [Women’s Murder Club #10] by James Patterson review

The 10th book in the series did not leave me wanting. It started with Lindsay getting married to Joe. All I can say is “YAY!!”

This books keeps Lindsay and company far busier than the rest of the books because there are more than just one or two cases and they’re very different until Cindy proves otherwise.

One of the cases focuses on a teenager found on the side of the road who is wearing nothing but a poncho and bleeding a lot. She apparently just had a baby, but has no recollection. As her case moves forward Lindsay and Rich prove that everything this teen is telling them is a lie, but why? And where’s the baby?

We really get a good hit of Yuki in this book. She’s working another high profile case but is still haunted by the fact that she hasn’t won a conviction as of yet. Dr. Candace Martin is accused of killing her husband. It’s an open and shut case, or is it? Plus Yuki gets a new boyfriend, Brady, also known as Lindsay’s new boss.

As for Cindy and her stories, well she always does get a little too involved in her work. She discovers that women are turning up in random places with no memory of what happened and discovering they were raped. Bulldog Cindy goes all-in in the investigation. But how much is too much? Will Cindy herself get too close and become a victim?

Read it and find out…get your copy here.


Book: The 9th Judgement [Women’s Murder Club series #9] by James Patterson

This book left me shocked. The characters in all the cases are interwoven. That’s never happened in one of these books before. Two women in abusive marriages who work together. Both are victims but one is also a high end cat burglar. Despite their situations these women, Heidi and Sarah, fall in love with each other.

Heidi’s husband is a veteran who never really came back from the war. He’s extremely violent. He enjoys hitting her and abusing the kids. He fantasizes about killing the three of them. That’s how much he hates them. He doesn’t have the guts to kill them right off. Instead he goes on a killing spree for practice of mothers and their babies.

Sarah’s husband is an abusive drunk. He enjoys beating her as well. She turns out to be a cat burglar. In one of the homes she rips off a husband uses her as a scapegoat to murder his wife.

Mr. Killer of women and children goes way too far and after what he did to Lindsay she is out for blood.

Does the cat burglar get caught? Convicted of murder even though she isn’t the killer? Do Heidi and her children die at her murderous husbands hands? Is he ever caught?

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Book: The 8th Confession [Women’s Murder Club series #8] by James Patterson

This book is very short. At least it felt that way to me. Once again Lindsay Boxer is working two cases. It really feels like a theme with Patterson in this series. And I wonder if in real life if a Homicide detective is forced to split their focus.

The first case is about rich society folks getting killed. But how did they die? No bullets in the bodies. No poisons in their systems. The autopsies come back 100% negative. Claire is stumped. McCorkle who works cold cases brings in a few murder books. A series of high society victims back in the early 80’s who seem to have died the same way: undetermined but definitely not naturally. They finally figure out the murder weapon. Even if I wrote it out right here you’d think I was pulling your leg. But as a result of the confession they finally get, not only are the current murders solved but the cold cases as well. Eight murders solved with a single confession. Not bad for a days work.

Case number 2 is a dead street person named Bagman Jesus. His real name is actually Rodney Booker. Cindy wrote a story painting him as a saint when the real truth is that he’s a drug dealer and drug manufacturer who turns young girls into drug dealers, drug addicts and prostitutes. As his story unfolds I all really felt was disgust.

Cindy and Rich become and item. And for those still banging their heads on the wall because Lindsay has yet to give Joe an answer [over the course of three books mind you, it’s maddening] to his “will you marry me” question. She finally says yes.

This book packs octane. And an extremely horrific bus explosion.

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Book: 7th Heaven [Women’s Murder Club series #7] by James Patterson

The scariest way to die is depicted in this book. Dying in a fire. Two college boys are pyromaniacs. And to make matters worse they also enjoy killing people. When the book revealed just who these boys are and the world that they came from I was shocked. It was because it felt to me as if they were killing their parents. This pair are truly ice cold killers.

Lindsay picks up the case. Once again the killers are coming after her…or are they?

While headlong into this case another one pops up. The governor’s son has been missing for several months. He was born with a heart defect that could kill him at anytime. And the lead is a prostitute named Junie Moon. She confesses to sleeping with Michael. But he has a heart attack while they are making love and dies in her arms. Yet there’s no body.

Will Lindsay catch the murder by fire killers? Where will she live when her house burns down? Does Yuki convict Junie Moon of murdering Michael Campion? Will Yuki survive her stalker? Or will he kill her? And are you ready for a baby?

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Book: The 6th Target [Women’s Murder Club series #6] by James Patterson

A ferry ride on the bay turns into a massacre. Four people are dead on scene. A fifth is mortally wounded. When Lindsay Boxer arrives on the scene she sees her best friend Claire Washburn being taken off the boat by paramedics with a bullet hole in her chest. She sees Lindsay and asks about her son Willie. He was on the ferry too. Lindsay searches frantically for Claire’s son, but he’s not on the boat. She finds him in the farmers market covered in his Mother’s blood. He chased after the shooter.

The killer actually turns himself in to Lindsay. Yuki who has now become an assistant district attorney becomes the lead prosecutor on the case when her boss has a heart attack. And her former co-counsel Mickey Sherman is the killers defense attorney. Will Yuki win her first case in the DA’s office?

While the trial is going on the daughter of The Chronicle’s editor is kidnapped. Lindsay gets this case too. And now she is racing the clock to try and find the little girl alive. After dozens of dead ends she finally starts to get some answers. Does she find the girl alive? Or is it too late?

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Book: The 5th Horseman [Women’s Murder Club series #5] by James Patterson

The 5th book of this series builds upon the complexity of the previous book.

A major San Francisco hospital and Dr. Daniel Garza are being sued for the deaths of 20 patients. They all had the same common cause of death: medication. In most cases they were given a medication that would treat the condition opposite of what they were diagnosed with. In one of the deaths a patient who suffered from a rapid heartbeat was given a medication to speed up her heart which resulted in her death. The attorney leading the suit is Maureen O’Mara, an extremely fierce redhead who has never lost a case.

Tragedy strikes again in the same hospital. Yuki’s Mom Keiko has a TIA [a very tiny stroke that the patient would usually recover from in as little as 2 or 3 hours up to about 24 hours]. She is admitted to the hospital being sued. She dies in the hospital sending Yuki spiraling out of control. She asks Lindsay for help. Claire does an autopsy. Her mom was given several times more of the amount of the blood thinner than she needed. And she bled to death in her brain.

On top of that Yuki’s Mom is found with buttons on her eyes. These buttons have the medical symbol on them. As Lindsay digs in trying to give Yuki answers she winds up with more questions. The hospital CEO informs her that Keiko was not the only patient found dead with buttons on her eyes. There are more than 30 others over the past three years who’ve had buttons placed on their eyes as well. All patients who were expected to fully recover.

Will Lindsay solve the button murders? Will Yuki ever recover from her Mom’s death? Who will win the lawsuit?

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Book: 4th of July [Women’s Murder Club series #4] by James Patterson

This book starts off with a bang and ends with two.

Lindsay and Jacobi wind up in a high speed chase. When the vehicle they are chasing suddenly crashes they rush to the aid. After helping the two people, who turn out to be kids, out of the wreck the nightmare begins. Both kids pull out guns and shoot Lindsay and Jacobi. Jacobi is unconscious and feared to be dead. The kids realize she isn’t dead and fire on her again. She returns fire disabling them both. She and Jacobi wake up in the hospital. And then Lindsay gets served. The parents of the kids are suing her.

On top of all this the case she was working gets sidelined. She gets put on leave and winds up staying in Half Moon Bay at her sisters house. She still doesn’t get any rest there. Married couples are being killed. They don’t seem to have anything in common other than being married. What’s a homicide detective on administrative leave to do? Why of course help out Half Moon Bay.

Does Lindsay win her case? Does she lose? Does her case get solved? Does she solve the Half Moon Bay case?

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